Replaced the Blue Jinjo model with a model of Solid Snake, .z64 no longer works?
I attempted to replace a model in Banjo-Kazooie using Banjo's Backpack. When I finished, I booted up the z64 file in Project64. The game closes after giving me an error (Unhandled R4300i opcode error). Is there something I am doing incorrectly?

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I’m assuming you’re using PJ64? Did you set the RAM to 8mb before trying to play the game? Any time you extend a file in Banjos Backpack, you need to adjust its settings in PJ64 before playing the game.

So open a file through PJ, when the black screen pops up in the viewer window, press control T for settings, choose “Configure Banjo-Kazooie”, then set RAM from 4mb to 8mb. I also adjust the VI refresh rate to 2200, and AI counts per byte to 400, then untick fixed audio timing. After those settings are edited, choose save at the bottom, then hard reset your emulator and hopefully it’ll work no problem!

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