Creating and Applying Xdelta Patches & playing your Patched files
Hello everyone!

There has been some questions lately regarding whether you may post ROM versions of your hacks online. The short answer is no. ROM distribution is illegal online. While it is okay to possess ROM files if you own a copy of the N64 Banjo-Kazooie cartridge, for those who wish to play our hacks, we need to create Xdelta patches of our files so as to remove any chance of infringing on copyrights associated with the game itself through the distribution of ROM files. Note: If you do not own a copy of Banjo-Kazooie, it is illegal for you to own a ROM file. I won't tell you how to live your life, but keep that in mind.

So in this long, step by step tutorial, I will show you where you can go to download a program that will help you create and patch Xdelta files so as to cover your own hide and keep Banjo's Backpack running in both its Discord and online as an entity. We don't need Nintendo breathing down our necks and quite frankly, neither do you! Smile  I will also show you how to play patched BK game files since PJ64 is known for error codes when playing applied patches.

Here's where we will begin.

Setting up the XDeltaUI Patcher:

Start by downloading this:
Click the "Download File Now" option at the bottom of the page as seen here
Copy the download password and paste it in the box. Then click "I AM HUMAN" to proceed as shown here.
Your file will start downloading. Once downloaded, right click and choose "show in folder."
Right click on the downloaded file and choose "extract all." This will create a folder with the extracted xdelta patcher content (two exe files, a light version for just patching and a full version for creating and applying patches. I will be opening the full version). 
Double click the DeltaPatcher.exe file to open the interface. It looks like this.

Creating an XDelta Patch for your BK File:

Now that you've opened the interface, let's learn how to create a patch first.
Start by clicking the arrows at the bottom of the interface to switch between creating and applying an XDelta Patch. You will be given more options in the patching program.
Now click the folder next to the "original file" dialogue to open a window that allows you to select a game file. We need the original BK game file. You must use BK [U] V1.0. 
Then, click the folder next to the "modified file" dialogue to open a window that allows you to select a game file. We need to choose the modified BK game file. Here is where you would choose a file you've edited in Banjo's Backpack. Here, I use Test.z64.
Next, click the save disk next to the "XDelta patch" dialogue to open a window that allows you to create a location for the xdelta patch to save. Choose any location.
Once you have completed these steps, choose "Create Patch" at the bottom of the patcher and voila! You now have a fully functional XDelta patch of your edited BK File.

Applying an XDelta Patch for your BK File:

Using the previously created patch, we will be applying an XDelta Patch to your BK File to play edited levels.
To begin, open DeltaPatcher.exe. Make sure you are on the patching section. It has two dialogue boxes and an "apply patch" button often hidden below the bottom of the screen. (Click and drag the exterior of the program box on the bottom to extend the window's height.) 
Click the folder next to "Original File" and select a BK [U] V1.0 game file.
Next, click the folder image next to "XDelta Patch" and find and select your desired XDelta Patch file.
Note: It is recommended before you apply the patch that you copy the original game file and save it in another folder. This ensures you always have a fresh BK game file. Conversely, you can also click on the settings tab in the patcher and choose "Backup Original File" and it will merely create a new version with the word "Patched" attached to the title.
Click Apply Patch and voila! You will officially have a patched game file with a BK hack implemented!

Next let's look at the most common error code that is a result of BB and how to go about fixing it. 

Playing a Patched BK File:

Congratulations! You've just successfully patched your first BK game file. Time to open it with PJ64! But wait! Oh no! You've received this error code! Whatever will you do?
Have no fear. The fix is simple. Start by closing the error code.
Select "Options" at the top of the emulator and then choose settings. Or simply press Cntrl + T to open settings without navigating the menu.
Untick "Hide Advanced Settings" and a new option will show up on the right hand cracker called "Config: Banjo-Kazooie." Click that option.
Copy these options in your settings menu. At the bare minimum you need to change the file size to 8mb. I adjust the VI Refresh Rate and the AI Counts Per Byte because this is how I was taught. I do not know if it changes or corrects anything to use or not use these options. I also untick the "fixed audio timing" and click "Apply."
Then close out of Project64, open it again, terminate the PID #### and open the game file again. Your patched file should start playing no issues. If it doesn't and it gives you the OP Code again, then you know that the settings refreshed. BK files have a fixed amount of time following the editing of the settings before they refresh (probably about 45 sec to a minute, but i've had to wait for the donate feature for PJ to expire and sometimes had issues before). This can also happen if you choose a different game file. So. To remedy this, here is a quick protip.
Protip: Once you select "open" and choose your file, the screen will go black and you have all of 2 seconds to press Cntrl + T to open your pj64 options before the unhandled Opcode error comes up. If done correctly, your file will still be in the process of loading and you can configure its settings without having to close PJ64 and open it again.
Once you've adjusted your settings, click apply and choose System at the top, Reset, and Hard Reset. Or Shift + F1. Performing a hard reset after adjusting your settings will allow you to basically refresh the game and the patched file should start without issues.

There you have it! A tutorial to download, create, apply and play xdelta patches on your BK Game file! This is really self explanatory so I doubt you'll have questions. But if for some reason you do, follow the link at the top of the page to the discord server and we will happily assist you there.
Informative and comprehensive explanation - should help a lot of new's.

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