The Moon Crew
Hey there triple-fat members this is MoonMan here giving you a warm greeting! We are giving this to you straight from the Banjo's Backpack community. My gf and I purchased a studio to create rap songs to support Jombo23 and the bk modding, and on the plus side, Christmas is coming up! Santa Clause recently brought me his naughty-list and I discovered two things: Jombo has been naughty lately, and two, well let's just say I'm not very nice to him lololol.

Anyway, I will invite all of you members to join the triple-fat mafia on behalf to enjoy our Moon crew productions of 2018. We have created over twenty different songs and composed them to different albums over Please, if you have any questions, don't go asking Jombo anything, if you do, I will lynch your hometown and cap your face to the floor. Show some respect and clean up any fat messes you make in the process, and stay fat fat fat!

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