Importing into Mumbo’s hut
Hello all,

I have a question about importing levels to replace mumbo’s hut. i imorted into mombos mountain mumbos hut a seperate model and then i imported into bubble gloop swamp mumbos hut another model and when I did this the bgs mumbos hut model replaced the mm mumbos hut model, so basically it wouldn’t allow me to have diffrent models in Diffrent mumbo huts, is this really a thing or can I work around this?? I would like to have diffrent models in each mumbos hut.
Are you trying to replace the interior of Mumbos Hut for those levels? Or its external object appearance found in the larger levels themselves?

Mumbos Hut Interior is one of those models in BK that links to all of the other hut models as well. I think the reason has something to do with the specific transformations. I think that the game wants to make sure that the player enters the specific desired hut for the required transformation, which is why it needs to talk to the other huts. Im not positive, but this is what I can gather from working on different BK levels.

I will say that if youre replacing the interiors, you might want to try replacing the level model for something else, like, lets say, Mr. Vile's lair, and fix the warps. As long as you can orient your model to feature the spot where mumbos pad will sit to be rooted at (0, 0, 0) in your modeling program, then everything should work no issue.
I was just trying to add a third area to mumbos mountain through mumbos hut (already replaced the ant hill and main level with new level models), and as for bubble gloop swamp all the other levels I try to replace in bgs dosent work (mr viles and tip tup turtle) when I warp to them (just black screen) so I was forced to use the bgw mumbos hut because I wanted one loaded area at least in my level. Like when I-replaced Tip tups place with a new level model it wouldnt load when i walked through the warp to it and when I replaced Mr. Viles it wouldn’t load either when I walked through a warp to it. Also to warp to Mr. Viles should I use a warp through the left nostril or right nostril (if that even matters, idk if thats the problem with Mr. Viles when I warp to it )?
So regarding Mr. Vile and the Tiptup Choir. I actually had this exact problem with warps not loading the level and I think I understand why. 

When you first enter these locations, you are greeted by an actor fulfilling a script to receive the player and instruct them on the next part of the challenge to complete. In the choir case, the actor is Tiptup. In the case of Mr. Vile, the actor is Mr. Vile. 

Since the actor isn't loaded into the scene, the level trigger doesnt work, which means you can't go into the level because the game tries to run a script without pieces present to successfully run the script. Hence why it crashes.

I'm also having a similar problem in my hack right now. Ive replaced the tile flipping pyramid in Gobis Valley with a different pyramid. So when I walk in the pyramid, the game loads fine because the script isnt slated to run until a function is inputted (the beak buster ground pound move is the input required.) 

So what happens is I can do whatever I want in the pyramid until Banjo uses the beak buster. When he does, the script tries to run and the game crashes because there are no tiles to flip and the timer has no need to run.

My fix for this is simple. In general games settings under the options menu at the top of BB, you can choose "Scene Assignment" or "Level Assignment" (im not sure of its proper title atm). When you do, you can choose where any of the rooms in Banjo-Kazooie are stored within the memory of the ROM. 

From here, you can effectively "reassign" a room to a different level. And I recommend that in order to do this, you should find a room that can fit what you want to do, reassign it to Mumbos Mountain, and then make sure the warps to and from line up perfectly. It should work with no issues.

If you have questions, feel free to let me know. I know this response is long and vague.
Thank you BanjoFreak12!
You just helped my hack a lot with your response, I had no idea you could assign rooms from different levels like that.
There is one problem though; When I pause the game and go to view totals sometimes the game crashes (when I'm in the new assigned room). Do you know why this happens?

Also because of this quote you said above: "Since the actor isn't loaded into the scene, the level trigger doesnt work, which means you can't go into the level because the game tries to run a script without pieces present to successfully run the script. Hence why it crashes."

Does this mean that Mr. Vile's rooms and Tip Tup's rooms are not usable then? I feel like it would be helpful to make a list of the rooms that load successfully and the rooms that cant load successfully.

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