Getting Started Guide
Credit to original tutorial author. This is a reposting from the first site.
1. Introduction

This guide is intended for first time users of Banjo's Backpack v2.

Author: Skill.

2. Getting started

Before you open BB you should make a backup of your original rom, once done open the application up and it will detect that it is the first time you are using the program.

Click ok and then open your rom, BB needs a Banjo Kazooie NTSC v1.0 rom. It will detect if you have selected the wrong rom.
If you have opened the right rom, BB will ask if you would like to Extend this rom click Yes

This may take a moment if successful a message will appear saying the rom has been updated click OK
Finally BB will ask if you would like to create a copy of this rom, this is a very good idea so that you have an original to make patches on later. Click Yes

You are now ready to use Banjo's Backpack!


3. Loading roms in Project 64

Extended roms use 8MB of ram, if you try to open your rom in PJ 64 it will most likely though an error simular to 

Unhandled R4300i OpCode at:80404020

Unknown 40 20 40 20
Stopping Emulation !

To resolve this is simple in PJ 64 go to Options and then Settings.

Click Rom Settings and then set the memory size to 8MB reload and you should be able to play without any issues.
Ahahahaha! I was just about do do this! Glad I saw this first though! Nice work!
I tried the last step but I cant find Rom settings in the settings of project 64
When you first open PJ64 settings, there an option to “hide advanced settings” make sure this is unchecked so you can view advanced settings and then click on “Configure: Banjo-Kazooie”.

From there you can adjust your rom settings to 8mb, AI Refresh to 2200 from 1500, and VI Refresh to 400 from 0.

Then I just uncheck fixed audio timing, save the settings, close pj, open it back up and open the rom and it should work.

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