Model Importer Tutorial
Again, credit to original tutorial authors.
1. Introduction
Author: Skill.
Being able to import your own level model is a major part of Banjo's Backpack in this guide you will learn all the key features of the importer.
2. Model Importing
To start click file then Import OBJ and import Collision4.obj (download below)
BB will display this model and it can now have collision applied and shaded.
3. Collision Modes and Shading
For the purpose of this guide we will change the areas that should be water to act like water, to do this move the view over to the water area and change the alpha colour to 100 and change the the mouse setting to triangle this will help speed the process as we want the whole triangle to be shaded in alpha
Now click on the triangles that make up the water and they should update to look like the following:
To speed the process up, move the textures across to you see the water as below
With the same settings as before click apply to texture and that will apply to all faces that have that texture.
4. Vertex Shading
Vert shading is the key to making the level look nice.
In this example I am doing very basic shading to show how to do it
Move to the area with the pipe by default it will look like this:
Change your settings as follows:
To explain we have set the colour to black with alpha set to 255 (no transparency) changed the colision mode back to ground and set our mouse option to vert as we want to paint verts not whole triangles.
Next right click the verts to the back of the pipe so the pipe looks like its getting darker further back, you should have a result that looks like this:
5. Saving
Now we are ready to save this model click file and then save as model file, give it a file name you want and its ready to go

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