Setup Editing Tutorial
Credit to original authors; this is just a reposting from the first site. As such, it references things that this site doesn't have; a resources section, specific downloads, etc. You'll need to make your own models and such for some things but the process itself should be the exact same.
1. Introduction

Banjo's Backpack's Setup Editor allows you to start creating a new setup file for the scene you have open. This means that coupled with the model importer you can make completely new levels for Banjo Kazooie.

This guide is intended for beginners and covers very simple setup editing.
I recommend setting the start level to Mumbo's mountain for this tutorial to do so click tools then General Game Settings
On the start level tab click Mumbo's Mountain and then click update and close the dialogue, BB should tell you the rom has been updated.

Author: Skill.

2. Loading your model

To begin Click file and then Open Setup File from Rom, click Mumbo's Mountain

In the replace level model section open the two bin files that can be downloaded in the resources section

Once done click update and the level model should change.

3. Creating the new Setup

Now the level is changed the first thing to do is to remove all objects from the setup to start and new file, click Erase All BB will display a prompt asking if you want to continue click Yes.

Once done another message will appear:

Please move the start position to the desired location, it is currently set at 0,0,0

Click Ok, this means the entry point has been set to 0,0,0 and is currently selected.

Click Move and using the right click move the entry point to the tunnel then rotate the entry to face the correct way as below:

Next change the Mode to Create Mode

Right click above the wooden box and select Global and then Collectables, Jinjos and select the Yellow Jinjo

Now lets see what it looks like in the game.

Click File than Save As Rom, this will make a new rom rather than saving to the open rom and is good for testing things.
Open the rom in PJ 64 and go to Mumbo's Mountain:


4. Creating an Event Jiggy

Now that's working lets move on to a more advanced setup, what the plan is here is to make a jiggy switch that activates a jiggy, to do this we need a few cameras and we need to understand how it will go together.

The best way to understand is to see how it looks in BGS, before we leave the setup we have made in the previous step lets save a copy of it, click file and then save setup file and save it out.

Now click File, Open Setup File and open BGS - Bubblegloop Swamp


I have highlighted the areas that we will need to copy 2 cameras, the switch and an unknown object 14d.

The cameras are ids 0 and 1

Lets go back to our setup file now and make this happen.

Load MM up and also the setup we saved before by going to file open setup file from rom and opening Mumbo's Mountain and then file Load Setup and loading the setup that you saved.

Now that's done, go into Create Mode and in the grass area right click and Select Bobblegloop Swamp, Objects, Green Jiggy Switch MAKE SURE THE ID IS 14E. Now in the snow area make any object you like a bull for example, then change the Object Id to 14D, as BB doesn't contain an entry for the jiggy event (you can add this to objects.xml in the resources file and in the menu.xml if you would like it available).

Now change modes to Camera Mode and create a new cutscene camera by right clicking
and selecting Create Cutscene Camera create two of them, select one by right clicking it in camera mode and move it into a possition where it is looking at your 14D object, do the same with the other object and also change its id to 1.
Finally save as rom and you should see the jiggy switch and when you press it in the game the jiggy should appear.

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