User Interface Tutorial
Since I can't seem to post the whole thing in the (broken??) Wiki section of this site, I'm posting it here. It's from the old forum, so credits to the original authors.
1. Introduction
The user interface of Banjo's Backpack v2 can be somewhat overwhelming at first, this guide is intended to show the general flow of BB.
Author: Skill.
2. Camera Controls
Pan Controls
W = UP
A = Left
S = Down
D = Right
Simply hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to rotate the view
3. Selecting an Object
To select an object you have to be in Select Mode once done right click the object you would like to select and a white Bounding Box will appear around the object.
4. Object Controls
Once you have selected an object BB will display a set of editing options
Once you select an editing option the right Mouse Button will perform that action.
If you select move you can simple use the right Mouse Button to Move the object into place, rotate allows you to rotate the object on the Y axis (Note: some object may rotate differently) and Scale allows you to increase or decrease the size of the object.
5. Object Creation
You can create objects in Create Mode
Once in Create mode simply right click where you would like to create the object and a create menu will appear select from the options the object that you wish to create and it will appear in that location.
6. Starting a new Setup
99% of the time you will be using BB to create a new setup file and not editing one that is already in the game.
The best way to do this is to open the level that you wish to change and then select the Erase All button a Dialogue will appear asking you to confirm do so and it will create a blank setup file with the start position at 0,0,0 the center of the level.
BB knows that by default this is probably not desired, so it will have this object selected and ready to be moved, simply move it where you want and start creating your setup.
7. Saving Options
Once you have finished making your changes you can Save with the following 3 methods.
Save Setup File:
This options does not write a rom but writes out the setup file you have created, so that you can open it later and continue editing. This is also helpful when creating bug reports.
Save To Rom:
Saves the changes to the curently open rom
Save As Rom:
Saves out a new rom with your changes

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