Banjos Backpack v2.006
Banjo's Backpack V2 public alpha is a Banjo Kazooie Setup Editor and Level importer by Skill, Coolboyman, Runehero and Subdrag
A huge thank you to the testers Comet aka wwwarea, Tee-Hee, jombo23 and Sparer.
Thanks to cooliscool for his work on bottles glasses -
Some objects do not work in the game anymore usually these are objects with shared ids.
Change Log:
  • 8MB RAM expansion (runehero)

  • Globalized Objects (runehero)

  • Rom expansion

  • Path Mode

  • Camera Mode

  • Multiple updates to the UI

  • Model importer engine updates for faster imports

  • Multiselect

  • Model viewer

  • Image Magick convertion of textures

  • Ability to change models as well as levels

  • Customizable menus using the xml files

  • Many many new features and updates

Download Banjo's Backpack

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