Welcome to the new site
A-maizing! I corn hardly believe it! You wheatly opened the new board. Smile
It never died. It just seemed to at first because the original site went down due to some behind the scenes issues but the projects kept on strong and this site quickly came in to replace the old one. I've been trying to spread the word pretty widely but there's only so much one person can do so I reccommend everyone else do the same. It's the little things that count. For example if you see someone in the comments of a video trying to access a link to the old site and wondering why it isn't working, be sure to let them know we've moved to sixtyforums.com. Also if you've got a pretty big following somewhere, mentioning it can always help the site out. Everything counts so spread the word. It's a shame we can't set the Banjo's Backpack links to forward our users to the new site. That would help make things so much easier. I doubt it's that easy though.

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