Is studying physics harder than studying medicine?
According to the study of assignment writers the UK, physics takes more brainpower and concentration. It gives you more thinking models in different aspects of life situations. However, medicine is often overvalued by the man on the street. It is all about memorization. For example, in pharmacology, you have to learn new things and have to forget all the old ways or concepts. However, physics, on the other hand, takes more brainpower and is less known by the man on the street and it pays less. Medical studies are controlled by a government regulator and physics are not. And in my opinion, medicine is less of a science and more academia accepted collection of miscellaneous facts. It is concluded that is an individual matter and has many factors including the abilities and style of the individual student. The difficulty on the topic arises when you don’t know where to take the course and how much time you can devote to them. assignment writing service

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