Old BK hacks megathread
First step, sirlightened. Find you a Banjo-Kazooie [U] v 1.0 ROM file (because distribution is illegal and I cant help you find one).

Next, find you a rom patcher. PPF-O-Matic works well. I have xdeltaui.

After that, open your rom patcher, choose a rom file to patch, so your BK U V1.0 ROM, choose a patch to apply, so any xdelta youve downloaded from here, and choose apply patch, or patch rom depending on which program you use.

Then voila. It should be playable.

Sometimes your settings need adjusting in your emulator of choice in order to play an extended rom file.

In this case, I use project64 v

Open PJ64, select file and then open, click on a rom file to open (your newly patched xdelta rom file.) If youve recieved the unhandled op error code, choose options, then settings, then config: banjo-kazooie. 

From here, change memory size to 8mb, vi refresh rate to 1500, ai count per byte to 400, and uncheck fixed audio timing.

Here is a link to a great tutorial that teaches you how to patch a rom file for Banjo-Dreamie, the first finished full fledged Banjo-Kazooie hack. 

If you have questions or need help with anything, dm me.
Banjo-Dreamie - Design and music by Loggo. Characters, game mechanics and themes by Rare. No affiliation.


This is a xdelta patcher that I love for specifically patching n64 games with xdelta patches, especially Banjo-Kazooie hacks. It's very simple to use and I've never had any issues with it. It's very straight forward and you don't even need to install it. You just open the rom and the xdelta patch you want to apply to it and voila. I'm surprised nobody else reccomends this to noobs that just want to patch and play their games because it's very simplistic and easy to use. When other programs failed me this one always stepped in to work seemlessly. It's terrific and I think it deserves some recognition.
This is a set of demos I found online for a GBA romhack titled "Banjo Advance." I put them all in one archived file for you all to download. I'm just going to assume it is based on Banjo-Kazooie Grunty's Revenge. Anyways.... Enjoy! Smile


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