Looking for the rest of the Furnace Fun questions
I'm looking for ideally a full text dump of all the Furnace Fun questions, mostly to correct and complete Jiggywikki's page on them. I stumbled upon BB and figured "if this can edit the files, it should be able to read the files". Unfortunately, I can only find the Grunty-category questions; nothing else seems findable. Am I missing something, or is the program that's missing them?

A full dump of BT's quiz would be nice too, but the version of WW I found doesn't seem to have a text feature at all. Any advice for either game would be nice.
Hi Toomai!

I’m not sure a full text dump exists at the moment, so I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. I’m working on trying to figure out how to do this stuff, however, so I will update you when I get a bit further with it.
Does this maybe help? Scroll down the page to Text Files. Some of them are truncated at the answers but most of the questions are present.

Hm yes that's quite good. The truncation's a bit painful but this'll definitely be useful, especially with some of the visual/sound questions (which the wiki currently has nothing specific about).

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